Christmas in Heaven

A friend of mine sent me a photo of a crafty item she found on Pinterest last week.

“Can you make something like this? I would like to give it to my mom,” she texted. 

I wasn’t quite feeling the project she sent. But the poem – the words on the project that she sent – they immediately had an affect on me. And of course they would. Because we all feel them – each and every Christmas. We ALL think of those loved ones who are in heaven. And the poem . . . it brings tears to my eyes.

Immediately, a vision came to mind that I just had to put into art. My vision for that poem.

“Yes,” I told her. “I could probably come up something with the same quote – but my style and my art.”  So, I got to work on it. Because sometimes when a vision comes to mind, I can do nothing until I sit down and make it come to life.


I made about 10 of them and am gifting some of them to some dear people in my life. The 5 I have remaining will be available for sale in the Shoppe to the first 5 people who want them. Where ever they land in this world – I hope they help someone feel comfort at this time of year when our heart aches for those we have lost.

It is moments like this when I am most grateful for my art – to be able to share it with others and to help soothe a soul when it needs it most.

Wishing you all a blessed day, dear friends.


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