Good Bye January! Hello February!!

Greetings, dear Creative Friends! The month of January FLEW by . . . and found us settling into our little shoppe and routine nicely. I can’t even believe we have been open a for three months now! Each day I walk into our little shoppe, I find myself loudly exclaiming, “Hello Shoppe!!!” as if I am waking up the creative energy inside. I hope you feel it when you enter our doors. It still feel like a dream – each moment that I am here. Thanks to YOU for being a part of it. 

I’ve made some new art this month – it felt good to take some time and create again. (It’s funny how little time I seem to have to actually create!) I sure am in the mood for Spring (aren’t you?) and just LOVE these little flower blocks. 

And our Creative Wings Angel . . . with our mantra . . .


Ooooo . . . and my new Yoga Girls. Because, every once in a while, you need be just . . . do what it says in the art . . . 😉


All of the above is for sale in our shoppe, if you are interested.

But, I am not the only one creating in these walls. There has been LOTS of creating going on!  What lovely visitors we have had, and what wonderful art has been made!!

Like Vision Boards, and words of the year, and whimsical trees, and Angel Wings! 


I love to look at our POS system (that’s not-so fancy talk for “Point Of Sale” system, for any of my non-retail friends) and see how many Creative Wings have flown since we opened our doors on November 1st. Wouldn’t it be fun to start each month with a TOTAL of Creative Wings (that is, the number of people who have come and taken classes in our shoppe), so we could see the creative souls who have flown! Don’t you? Let’s do that . . . 

So far, since we opened our doors on 11/1/2016 . . . 192 Creative Wings have soared!!! That is 192 people who have taken a workshop or class here . . . 192 . . . many didn’t think they could do it – many didn’t think they could create. And ALL 192 who DID IT!!! 

Happy February Friends! Wishing you lots of Peace this month! And LOTS of creating! 



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