Our Little Sign (sigh!)

So many of the visitors who have been able to stop by Creative Wings Art Shoppe have more than likely met my sister, Laura and me, Leanne. With each handshake and introduction – the responses we have received have been wonderful – from warm smiles of interest and excitement, to those who have shared that “it just feels so good to be here!” Our little shoppe has become exactly what we have wished it to be. At least once a day Laura sends me a quick text, “How is our little shoppe today?” and I just smile! We truly are living our dreams. 

And this month, after submitting permit application and waiting for the city to give us the OK, we proudly completed another dream. We hung our shoppe sign on the exterior of the building – for all passersby to see. It was a beautiful day . . . a little chilly, but as sunny as could be. Our husbands and our beloved landlord did all the work, as Laura and I anxiously awaited for the job to be complete. Even though we opened November 1, I think parted of me felt that our sign really solidified our place here. Yes, Creative Wings Art Shoppe. HERE WE  ARE!!! 

unnamed (4)

April is gearing up to be an AWESOME month for us, as well. We have some FANTASTIC classes and workshops planned (oh, have you seen our Beauty and the Beast canvas piece yet? It’s stunning!) Make sure you keep an eye on the “classes” tab above. Oh – and we have A BUNCH of new retail items coming in the next two weeks!! I can’t wait to show you what we have ordered. I think you will love it!

Thanks to all of you who are spreading your Creative Wings with us!  See you all soon! 

One thought on “Our Little Sign (sigh!)

  1. Drove by the shoppe today and the sign is outstanding, makes the whole place more visable. Should now be easy for anyone to locate. CB


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