Lucky 18!!


Oh, my friends . . . Happy almost Summer! We are counting the days here in the shoppe – looking forward to having the kids off from school and spending some time during the days with us. It has been a wonderful Spring for us – with lots of Creative Wings FLYING in and out of 1011 S State Street. And wait until I tell you . . . the last class of April was a milestone for us . . . our LARGEST CLASS YET!!! 18 darling creative souls joined us for our April “Block of the Month”, and my friends . . . it was awesome!!!

WE usually cap off our classes around the 15 mark – but we had a couple extras sneak by us (not really . . . just wanted to include all who wanted to be here!) It was a little tight in our little shoppe, but everyone was a GREAT SPORT and snuggled in at their tables, and the end results were awesome! 

I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have created this little place in the world. That afternoon of the block class, I stood back and just LOOKED at what was in front of me. While listening to the chatter of excited souls finding their creative wings, I think I pinched myself. 

Some days . . . I can’t believe we are here. 


But I am SO grateful that we are. 

Lucky 18, I will never forget you! 




2 thoughts on “Lucky 18!!

  1. I love that more and more people are finding out about the shoppe in order to spread their creative wings. This shoppe is truly a gem!! And it really does wonders for making you get that creativity itch scratched!!


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