Finding Ourselves through Art

We have had so many wonderful moments since we have opened our little Creative Wings Art Shoppe. People who have walked in full of doubt and uncertainty at their own artistic ability end up leaving with a wide smile and feeling of pride at the art they have made. And friends . . . THAT is what is all about. I truly believe that absolutely anyone can make art . . . all it takes is a little faith and a little inspiration. And it has always been our wish that when you are in our shoppe – you feel both of those things. 

We also have these experiences when a visitors eyes fill up with tears while they experience some sort of magical moment here. Whether they are making art for a loved one, listening to a story of inspiration, or taking the environment in and having an “Ah-ha” moment with a particular piece that they just  . . . feel. 

I love those moments. Every single one of them. 

And I have to share a recent one that still leaves me with goosebumps. 

We offer a really lovely “Teen/Tween Art Journaling” club here at our shoppe. (Your teen or tween can join us at any time . . . just call the shoppe for more information about it.) When we first met, each student received a lovely package of art journaling goodies (a journal, markers, water colors, glue, scrapbook papers, washi tape, stickers, and a few other things.) Our first club gathering was spent talking about what art journaling is, and working on a few pages to start our journals off. The girls did a fantastic job!! (I truly was so proud of them all!)

But there was one moment that I will never forget.

I gave the girls a journaling prompt to work on in their journals. The prompt was to make a page completing the following thought, “I am . . . “ I provided them with suggestions like “I am funny, I am kind, I am tough.” And gave them each some papers and paints to work on their pages. 

That is when the magic began.

They each were so focused and got right to work with little prompting – they had a vision . . . each one of them.

I love visions.

When they finished their page, I asked if they wanted to share what their page was about. They each eagerly agreed.

“I am . . . UNIQUE,” one of the girls said. “I am unique because people always say I am weird, but I take that as a compliment.”

“I am . . . HAPPY,” another said. “I have a home, a family, food on my table.”

“I am . . . BEAUTIFUL,” said a third. 

“I am . . . SMART,” said the last. “At school a lot of kids call me stupid, so I wrote ‘I AM SMART’. Because, I AM smart. And when I look at this – I will remember that.” 

My friends . . . these are the moments that melt my heart. 

These are the experiences I wish for the children, and adults, who come to our classes. These are the moments I hope those who take a chance and walk through our doors will have. These are the moments I dreamt of having in our little shoppe. 

And they are happening. 

And for that, I feel so incredibly blessed. 

Thank you for being a part of our Creative Wings! 

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