Finding Time for Art

IMG_4356Sometimes it is hard to fit in time to create. Sometimes ART falls to the very bottom of the list – and is often lost completely between all the things happening in life.

But sometimes MAKING ART is the very thing we need for our spirit.

My oldest daughter started High School this week. Yes, first born . . . and first day in a   g r e a t   B I G  High School. This was a pretty huge transition for her (as it is for all kids, of course), and aside from trying to fill her with positive thoughts and “You CAN DO THIS!” moments – I felt completely lost at helping her with the anxiety she felt of starting this next chapter in her life. As she nervously packed her lunch the night before day one, she asked if I could draw a little doodle on her lunch bag, and I was THRILLED!!!   “THIS, I CAN DO!!” I thought to myself.

IMG_3805With my trusty microns and a stack of lunch bags in hand, I got to work. But not just on one . . . I spent an hour with Pinterest on the iPad and my marker at work . . . Doodling one after another of inspirational quotes and thoughts. I pulled up random creative lettering pins on Pinterest and replicated a number of them, while finding my breathing becoming calm and peaceful as I doodled away. Replicating the quotes was all I needed – it allowed me to practice my lettering skills (practice makes perfect) without having to ‘think’ about the creative process. And I felt like I was actually doing something to help my daughter. (A win – WIN!)

Sometimes we have to really force ourselves to stop life for a minute – and just doodle. Just get back to basics. Nothing fancy. Just some markers, and a few paper bags. We are starting a new class in September here at the Shoppe called “Back to Basics” where we will take a pencil, a sketchbook, and some sharpies and just doodle – kind of like the lunch bags. We will focus on lettering, zendoodling, and how to approach creative time. We will meet monthly (or bi-weekly, whatever the group decides). If you need some time just for you – I hope you will consider joining us. (Call the Shoppe for more information 815.905.3068).

Oh, and my daughter? She had a fantastic first day, and said that the new friends she made at lunch absolutely LOVED the doodle on her bag and said they hoped this was going to become a daily thing (little did they know I have a whole months worth all ready!!) So grateful that both of us got something out of that time with art.

Here’s wishing you time for your art, my friend.





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