Too Soon? (We don’t think so!)

Oh, my friends . . . the recent cool weather in the midwest has me feeling all sorts of happy FALL thoughts. And as we finalize our October Calendar . . . all I can say, is that I am ready for the sweaters, jeans, football, pumpkin spice lattes, candles burning, and raking leaves!!! (I know!! I know!! I must be crazy!)

I don’t want to panic you too much, but my daughter did share with me that Christmas is 108 days away.  (WHAT!!?!?!! AHHHHH!!!!) Ok . . ok . . I will leave Christmas alone for right now. But . . . FALL . . . oh, my friends, I am READY!

We have lots of awesome projects planned in the shoppe this Fall (below are just a few!) Laura and I have been brain storming, creating and gearing up for lots of great creative times! Don’t forget to take a look at our “CLASSES” tab and make sure to call us (815-905-3068) to sign up for any of the upcoming classes. They are filling up fast, and we would LOVE to see you in our shoppe this Fall!

As always, much peace to you and yours! 


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