Grateful and Joyful Moments

Friends . . . friends . . . friends . . . . oh, where do the days go? It has been way too long since we’ve blogged! (Actually, it’s been 56 classes and LOTS and LOTS of Creative Wings flying about since we last blogged! WOW!! 56 classes held since our last post.  We have been BUSY!!) The holidays came and went . . . winter came, and hopefully will be LEAVING VERY SOON . . . the Shoppe walls are full of projects and inspiration . . . and life is super good here on State Street. 

In between classes, we’ve had lots of people stop in to see what we are all about. From bright eyes and smiles on new faces stopping by, to heartfelt moments of a new visitor saying they just “FEEL” the energy when they step inside – each day we feel so grateful to be living this dream, and these moments make what happens here so very special. 

A couple of Saturdays ago we had just closed up for the day – lights were off, sign was turned, jackets were zipped and the garbage bag was knotted and being carried out, when a few ladies came up to the window to peek inside. With eager waves and an opened door, we welcomed them in to share the story of our Shoppe with them. The lights went back on, and within minutes I knew that it was a brief meeting of minds that was MEANT to happen. After sharing our stories, a particular quote on the wall touched one of our new visitors deeply, and tears started to flow . . . with hugs following right after that. 

These are the joyful moments we savor in our Shoppe. Those moments of connecting with complete strangers who you have just met – and feeling like we’ve known them forever. This is what it is all about. Connecting through art. Making the world a little smaller, a little brighter, and a whole lot happier. 

This month we were awarded the honor of being voted “BEST ART STUDIO” by 22nd Century Media’s SOUTHWEST CHOICE AWARD. Voting took place in the seven suburbs 22nd Century Media publications are distributed (Frankfort, Homer Glen, Lockport, Mokena, New Lenox, Orland Park and Tinley Park), and our little Shoppe at 1011 S State Street in Lockport won. 

SW Choice 2018-Winner

It doesn’t get any sweeter, my friends. 

Thanks to those who continue to join us in spreading art in the world. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the shoppe yet – come on by! We’d love to help you spread your Creative Wings! 

Much love and peace to you all. 

2 thoughts on “Grateful and Joyful Moments

  1. I admire all the creativity and smiles on the faces in the shop. Great joy and laughter pass through those doors. Congratulations on achieving this award and the creativity in you and your students. Much love from Scottsdale.❤️💚💙💜


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