Our Little Shoppe


I just love this place, the minute I walked in . . . it felt like that movie. What was that Meg Ryan movie from the 90’s? With the little shop?” she asked. 

“You’ve Got Mail,” I answered. 

“Yes!!” she exclaimed, “and what was the name of her shop in the movie?” 

“The Shop Around the Corner” I said. 

“Yes!!” she agreed, “that is EXACTLY what this shop feels like to me. I just love it!” 

It was our last class of 2018, a birthday party for a young artist named Mia and her friends – and this was the conversation I had with Mia’s Mom, Lisa, when she arrived to the shoppe that evening.

Our co-owner (and my sister), Laura, had passed away 10 days before. My heart was struggling to be in the shoppe and conduct class that evening, but I didn’t have the heart to cancel on Mia and her friends – so I came in and gave it my best shot. The party was a success and each of the girls who attended did a great job on their projects. I was so glad that I kept the party as scheduled. I needed it. 

Not only because of Mia . . .  but for that conversation with Lisa. 

You’ve Got Mail is a long time favorite movie of my sister and mine. It was always my wish to make our little Creative Wings Art Shoppe as magical as “The Shop Around the Corner.” How incredible for Lisa to mention that specific movie to me on that very night – the night I needed to hear it most. 

After locking up that night, I stood outside for a while and just looked at what Laura and I created. My heart hurts deeply for the passing of my sister, but is warmed by the joy that our little shoppe has brought to all of those who pass by. I took this photo with lights twinkling and glowing, so I would never forget the magic within the walls of 1011 South State Street. 

Lisa, if you are reading this . . . thank you for saying that to me. You have no idea how badly I needed to hear that. I am so incredibly grateful to you for hanging in with me that night. 

And to all other friends of ours, thank you for your love and support of our little shoppe. Laura and I are forever blessed to have you in our lives. 

Sister, thank you for believing in us. And for jumping with me. 




6 thoughts on “Our Little Shoppe

  1. Creative Wings and those in each class we’ve attended has been that warm hug that my girls and I needed moving to a new community with new schools and new friends. We immediately felt welcome in the creative wings family! Our hearts broke when we heard of your sister’s call to go to the heavenly home. We are keeping you and your family in our prayers …

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  2. Leanne, you and Laura certainly succeeded! Your little shoppe feels like crafting at home with girlfriends (but with ALL the supplies I need!). I’m so happy to know the Shoppe will go on! I LOVED your Facebook banter about the candy jar and will always think of her when I see it! Looking forward to the new schedule and seeing you soon! Until then, HUGS! 🤟🏻

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  3. Leeann what a beautiful letter to LISA and a awesome picture of your shop I wish much success and keeping Laura in your memories, she will be looking down on you everyday. Yours Mickie

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  4. From the first class I took I felt an immediate connection to Leanne and Laura. Being a sister myself I knew that interaction and love. This is a special place built by 2 VERY special people. Her memory willl live on in every class you lead and her spirit will live on in the classes filled with people who NEED to be there, creating beautiful art and more important memories of laughter filled classes and loving connections. I have met such wonderful people I would have never had the opportunity to know here. Thank you for helping us all have Creative Wings😘

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  5. Leanne, reading that story really warmed my heart. Ever since the first time I came, I’ve enjoyed creating art at your little shoppe. You and Laura always made me feel so welcome. I was always so surprised that I could actually complete a project and have it turn out nice. You and Laura always made me feel like I could do it. I’m really going to miss Laura, but I know her spirit will be there cheering us on. We will work hard to make her proud!

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  6. Leanne, you are so strong. Being in the store must be hard but just look around and know that she is surrounding you with love. She is everywhere in the shop so take comfort that she is all around you, smiling, laughing and so proud of you. She’ll always be with you. Always. I love you honey.

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