A Pretty Awesome Year . . . so far

Sometimes in the midst of running the shoppe (planning classes, making samples, running private parties, ordering retail and supplies, developing retreats, paying bills, sweeping floors, laughing and loving and living a creative life), I forget about this little ol’blog on our website. (Uh-Oh!) 

I am constantly moved deeply by the awesome people who come into our shoppe. I am touched by the friendships I have made, and the friendships I see being created within our walls. I am in awe of the trust so many people have when coming to a class – people who walk in not knowing a thing about art or what they have ahead of them, and leaving proudly with their heads held high and their awesome art piece in hand.  

Most importantly, I am proud of what we have done in 2019. Those who know the story of Creative Wings Art Shoppe know that this year has been one of healing. When I look back, I think we have done an amazing job – together – towards healing. And I am forever grateful to each of you for being here. 

2019 . . . you’ve been pretty good to us, so far (and we are not done yet!) 



3 thoughts on “A Pretty Awesome Year . . . so far

  1. Hi Leanne! I’m happy to hear its been such a good year! I hope you have a pleasant Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday with family and friends!

    Diane Short, Joliet


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