We’ve ALMOST made it!

Oh, friends . . . can you believe the past two months?

On Monday, March 16, we held our last class at the shoppe. It was our Journaling Warriors night – and while a lot of our friends had begun social distancing – we had a very small group that joined us for art journaling that night.

I feel like that was about 100 years ago. Had I known it would be over 2 months until I would see everyone again, I would have honestly held on tighter during those good bye hugs.

But here we are, friends . . . I feel like we made it. Almost.

How are you, friends?

I threw myself into making”Covid Doodles” Videos on our facebook page, and shared them throughout this quarantine time. They became my sort of daily art therapy and a creative way to record what I was feeling (both the good and the bad thoughts, I guess . . . lol). I also opened an Etsy shop (selling prints of the doodles, some project kits and handmade journals) to help bring in some funds and help keep things going. The support from all of you has been amazing, and I will never forget the generosity and I received while we all were in quarantine. You are my heros!

I think the best part of this time for me, though, has been the opportunity to just STOP and BE. I have felt burned out for quite a while, if truth be told (probably since my sister passed), and this time has been invaluable.

And now, we are getting ready to open our doors and make art again. And I am ready, dear friends. Ready to welcome you all and ready to laugh. Ready to hear your stories of survival. Ready to reflect. Ready to sit and make art during those quiet moments. Ready to fly.

Who’s with me ?

Much love, and see you all soon.

xoxo – Leanne

3 thoughts on “We’ve ALMOST made it!

  1. I can’t wait to get back in the shoppe and create with all my good friends! It’s time to laugh and enjoy each other’s company again.


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