Special Announcement

My dearest Friends,

It is with the heaviest heart that I inform you of the closing of Creative Wings Art Shoppe at the end of September, 2020. This decision was not made lightly, as you can well imagine. The pandemic that has struck us all has done a number not only to our little shoppe, but to my life at home – and it is time for me to help my family in a way that keeping the shoppe open will not offer me. So a very tough decision had to be made.

When Laura and I opened our doors on November 1, 2016 – it was our dream to create a safe, inspiring place where creative souls could gather to make art. And our dream came true. Since the day we opened, 4,384 experiences have done just that – brought creative souls together and provided a safe place where art could be made. When Laura passed, I wasn’t sure how to keep going. ALL of YOU got me through that time. Your strength, your love, your support, your friendship. And I will forever be grateful to each and every one of you for being a part of my journey in this world. Truly.

Our August classes are still being held as planned, so if you have already signed up for something – YAY! We are going to go out with a BANG, for sure. In the month of September, we will be holding weekend sales in the Shoppe where we will be selling EVERYTHING!! (That cute red couch – it can be YOURS! Need an extra chair or a table – I got them! How about a book shelf? I have some of those, too! Want some really reasonable mixed media supplies – I am your girl!!) The Goal will be to spread as much Creative Wings CHEER as we can, so the spirit in which we started our little shoppe can continue to live on with all of you!! We will have packets of vintage sheet music, bags of buttons, ribbons, scrap packs, kits, and even MORE original art to sell. EVERYTHING must go. So please look out for those dates and times of Closing Sales. I will be sharing information with you about them right here on Facebook, and on our website, too.

Friends, please know that I am really ok. I know that we created something amazing at Creative Wings Art Shoppe, and I am so proud of it. We made our dreams come true!!! Who can really say that? I hear my sister’s voice telling me “it is time”. She is with me through this whole process. Do not worry or feel sorry for me. Know that I am going out with a HUGE BANG and am celebrating this time. So, please . . . . CELEBRATE with me. It has been amazing! All of it.

I am going to be off the first week in August, spending some much needed time with my family. Unplugging and focusing. Breathing and BEing. When I return, we will have some amazing last classes in the Shoppe . . . then prepare for closing. I am most grateful to my amazing landlords and building owners (Chris & Ron) who became family through our 4 years here. Their support has been greater than you could even imagine, and I have been blessed. And to my tribe (you know who you are) . . . . I love each and every one of you and can’t wait to continue making art with you in one way or another.

Be well, friends. Keep making art. Keeping sharing joy. And thank you, for being a part of this amazing story. Will be back next week!

Owner, Creative Wings Art Shoppe

One thought on “Special Announcement

  1. Hi Leanne, Thank you for the informative email. I am sorry to hear of closing the Shoppe. Even though I wasn”t there much, I enjoyed the conversations we had a couple times & I appreciate your situation. Hugs to you in the closing of the shoppe and the loss of your sister.

    When the time is right for you, I hope ypu’ll take a look at SKETCHBOOK REVIVAL.COM, a creative fun place I started enjoying this past March. Amateur artists learn from more seasoned artists, all year around. Lots of fun, lots of camaraderie.

    I wish you all good & wonderful things as you transition into the next chapter of life.

    Diane Short Joliet IL


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