Creative Wings Art Shoppe
1011 South State Street
Lockport, Il 60441 (815) 905-3068

Creative Wings Art Shoppe was established by the amazing collaboration of  Laura Trento and Leanne Wargowsky! The realist and the dreamer and a pretty great team! Sisters by birth, friends by heart, these two lovely ladies began their adventure of Creative Wings when the dreamer found a space, and convinced the realist that together – they could start something wonderful! 


This is our shoppe . . . Creative Wings Art Shoppe, at 1011 S. State Street in downtown Lockport, Illinois.  It is the location of this “Something Wonderful” – a space where people can gather in an inspiring environment to take classes, workshops, create art and spread their Creative Wings. We opened our doors on November 1st of 2016, and have spent our days taking the novice art admirer and walking them through the steps of creating their very own mixed media art work (or something equally as delightful!)


If you think you can’t – we are here to show you that YOU CAN!

Our affirming step by step classroom approach to making art will delight even the most inexperienced artists, and our monthly “Open Art” sessions will allow more seasoned creators a space and opportunity to reaffirm their love of their craft – all in our inspiring workroom.

And for those moments that you aren’t able to take a class (but need a little “pick-me-up” and inspiration), please stop by the retail section of our shoppe and take a look. The whimsical and uplifting gifts we have selected will surely FILL your creative pitcher! The opening of our shoppe was truly a life long dream of ours. 


Our beloved Co-owner, Laura Trento, traded in her Creative Wings for her Angel Wings as she passed away on December 17th, 2018.  The joy our little shoppe brought to her is beyond words – each visitor of our shoppe being a  part of that happiness. While her absence is missed greatly, and felt by all who had the pleasure of meeting her, we will do our best to continue sharing art and spreading joy for as long as we possibly can . . . just as she would have wanted. She was so very proud and incredibly grateful to those who came within our walls. This truly was her happy place. May her spirit live on in all of us, forever. 

Never underestimate the power of YOUR Creative Wings!

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